Balikesir Chamber of Commerce is based on the beginning of 1880s and located in the top 5 chambers with its date.
Since 1880, Balikesir traders who seeking unity gained full ceremony with the Sultan’s decree in 1889 and Balikesir Chamber of Commerce was officially established.

54 Traders who met the official establishment in 1889, bringing Keşkekzade Hacı Nuri Bey to Presidency of Chamber and they made plans for being able to enter a new century more organized. Although interrupted at short intervals within the century due to various circumstances and necessities of the war, chamber studies has continued to contribute to the Balıkesir economy still today. In 1889 Presidency of Chamber started with Keşkekzade Hacı Nuri Bey, and continued with Kırımlı Mustafa Efendi, İzzetli Sacit Bey, Barutçu Süleyman Efendi, Beypazarlı Hafız Mehmet Efendi, Bozokoğlu Mehmet Efendi, Hacı Emin Oğlu Ahmet Münir Efendi (Güvensan) , Keçecizade Hafız Mehmet Emin Efendi, İsmail Hakkı Varnalı, Kayyumzade İbrahim Sami Bey, Şeref Eğinlioğlu, Sırrı Yırcalı, Emin Güvensan, Ahmet Cumalı, Mehmet Şahin, İsmail İlşekerci, Ziyaettin Tan, A.Edip Uğur, Nihat Kozdağ, İlyas Yılmaz, Mahmut Yavuz and today Fahri Ermişler who is selected Balıkesir Chamber of Commerce Chairman of the Executive Board maintains this mission.

Our Chamber had undertaken various tasks in the 20th century, worked for the healthy functioning of the relationship between civilians and soldiers in the revolutionary period and the distribution of various essential necessities in poverty periods.

Our chamber which is caring social life has given scholarships over the years, helped out poor people for food aid, completed the construction of School of Balikesir Chamber of Commerce and put it into service to the National Education. Balikesir Chamber of Commerce has an 4822 active members today.