Message From The President

BaskanK Dear Businesspeople and Investors, A historical center with a thousand-year old cultural heritage, Balıkesir has coasts along Ege and Marmara Seas. It offers an advantage of easy transport and access thanks to its strategic location, natural beauties and fertile lands. The geographical features of Balıkesir as well as climatic diversity and fertile soils contribute a great deal to the diversity of the corps. Balıkesir attracts attention with its ability to “feed” Turkey as far as many products and crops are concerned. A huge number of poultry facilities are active in Balıkesir which hosts the substantial part of such entities taking attention with worldwide standard technology and integrated systems. Viewed as an olive Riviera, Balıkesir offers the best conditions for the olive tree which finds a perfect place in mountain edges and yards to grow. Olive is the greatest gift by the nature to Balıkesir. Sometimes it is referred to as a peace leaf or branch; sometimes it symbolizes the intellect, the rebirth, victory or immortality. We believe that all our members are more valuable than each other and they are very important individuals to our province Balıkesir and our country’s economic and social life. We saw that our member-oriented management philosophy had coincided with our members demands and expectations when we met them during the organ election. The system will be established by us which is making healthy and constantly communication with our members, we would like them to know that we will always take into account the requests or demands and we expect you to send us your demands necessarily as well. Those are who elected to organ memberships of Balıkesir Chamber of Commerce are our friends that they are young, serving and having enery to produce services and they will be in constant contact with you dear members. We are aware that we are not owner of Balıkesir Chamber of Commerce but our members are. In this way which we come up with the idea of unity and togetherness, we believe that we can achieve the success in our members, our province’s and our country’s economic and social life wih producing service in a happy and peaceful enviroment. We make commitment to you that we will strive to do the right thing in taking into account the demands of our valued members by approaching democratic, participatory, transparent and management which can give explaning at any time. We extend greetings and respects to our members and we wish your business to be opulent.

Fahri ERMİŞLER Balıkesir Chamber of Commerce Chairman of the Executive Board

Haberi Paylas